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In 2004, we were helping thousands of writers per year become independent authors who would gain massive respect and name in the publishing world. Our goal is to endorse the book not just in the publishing industry but to the third-party companies who can help the author gain more opportunities in terms of royalties and market.

From day one, our abiding principle has been that authors should have control over their work while allowing them to share the message of their written work. We still live by that standard today as we help hundreds of authors each month get their written work noticed by traditional publishing and production companies.

Our company believes that marketing the book is good; however, getting help from the big companies by endorsing their book directly to them can shorten the lengthy process.

Here's what we can promise, the author

Will receive a guaranteed response from a traditional publishing company/production company.

Will still own the full rights of the entire manuscript before traditional publisher acquisition.

Will work with Oculus Literary that suits their budget.

The author has to enjoy the freedom to write without crushing their dreams to write more books.

Let Oculus Literary handle the things that you can't do. Support us, and you will expect 100% support from the company.